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May 16, 2009


So says Mark Steyn. Please read his remarks to the students of Hillsdale College, and tell me in the comments which of his points you disagree with.

If you find little to disagree with, then our path forward is clear: shrink government at all levels. Vote for no one that will not pledge to cut the size and spending of government. Start by voting against California propositions 1-A and 1-B.

If you disagree with some or all of his points, then be prepared for an ugly fight. Because the people who pay for government are "going Galt", and previously complacent taxpayers are now actively opposing government growth via "Tea Parties", all to prevent the Europeanization of America.

These are people who do not look to government for answers; they do not expect other people to pay for their lives, like the core Democrats and ACORN types.  They are the hard-working, successful free Americans who have up to now tolerated the growth of government. But now these people have been roused to action, and as they focus on their task, the lazy, incompetent, overpaid dolts who currently run most government operations will he helpless to resist.

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama are not competent enough on their own to run a small business, but through the power of liberal groupthink, and their own shameless applications of the Alinsky model, they have risen to the highest levels of government. As I predicted last July, they have been unable to restrain themselves or their followers, and in their rush to grab power, they have drawn the attention of the successful free citizens.

All the gassy news stories about the Republican Party searching for its soul, or looking for a new Reagan, or predicting the permanent liberal Democrat majority, are fatuous blather, similar in nature to all the predictions in the 70's and 80's of the inevitability of a dominant Soviet Union.

All the "moderate" voters who fell for the Obama myth have had their eyes opened in the last 100 days, and they will quietly vote for government shrinkers in 2010, shocking the punditocracy.  And all the liberal and radical leftists who last year did anything and everything they could to help Obama win will stay home, because 1) they are basically lazy losers, and 2) Obama is boning them left and right as he tries to pull off the Clinton "triangulation" strategy for 2012.

He will fail. He will Jimmy Carter himself right out of office, and the Republican who follows him will look Reganesque in comparison regardless of rhetorical or governing skills.

Bank on it.

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