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May 22, 2010


I've been quiet for a long time, mostly due to sloth, but partially due to focus on work and family. But recent events have riled me to the point that I'm ready again to speak out.

Here's what I just posted on FaceBook:

I've been doing a lot of talking with friends and family, and thinking about current events and issues, and I'm ready now to lay down my positions for public consumption and debate.

First: I've had it with school boards and districts, and with all unionized public employees.

It is long past time to eliminate all public schools, and to banish all public employee unions.

So how do we replace them?

Schools: The state should pay only for specific instructional achievement based on standardized tests, as directed by parents/guardians. Each child will have an individual education program directed by their parent or a parent-assigned advocate, who will either personally monitor or cause to be monitored their child as they are instructed by on-line expert systems that inculcate the state-approved curriculum via systems like the FSU K-12 online schools.


We should not be paying exorbitant teacher salaries for daycare services, which is what we are doing now. Former public school teachers can provide instructional and supervisory services as contracted by parents or their assigns, at contract rates based on what the market will bear.

Unionized public employees: All current public employee collective bargains, pensions and benefits are abrogated based on the principle of unjust enrichment.


Existing pension contracts will be terminated at their current market values, and their owners funded by state bonds instead of cash.

Going forward, every state employee position will have to be justified on a return on investment basis. Only those positions that have a positive ROI will be continued

All other positions will be eliminated. Terminated employees will be given 6-months salary and continuation of benefits as they move to the private sector.

The remaining essential public positions will be changed from employee status to contract status, where each employee will be hired on a 1-year contract basis. Each year they will be evaluated based on ROI and performance, and renewed only if their position is necessary, and their performance is adequate.

I will do a more detailed write-up on these topics in the near future, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, see you on the barricades, Comrades.

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1 Agree that change is needed in K-12 education.  However we need a choice between on-line and classroom.  Some kids won't learn well in an isolated, on-line environment.  Same curriculum, but taught in a classroom setting should be an option.  And love the idea of no tenure for teachers.  Each year they have to prove their worth.  Just like the real world!

And dump all the printed textbooks - issue every student a Kindle, iPad or similar device that has all their textbooks, workbooks and assignments downloaded.  It would have to be cheaper than what is spent on purchasing, transporting, storing and maintaining books now.  No graduation (cap and gown, diploma, etc) until you either return the device or pay for it.  If everyone has one, the theft issue should be minimal.  And think how it would save the kid's backs - not having to carry around those heavy backpacks everyday.

You go Jimbo!

Posted by: Lynnette at Sunday, May 23 2010 11:24 AM (nj9Pc)

2 My love: No option is off the table once parents are back in control. You want a "traditional" setting for your kid? Your kid needs extra help with math, spelling, history? Fine, you decide what you want for your kid. You just have to pay the difference between what the state will fund versus what a provider will charge.

My guess is that smart entrepreneurs will be able to provide a better, individually-directed educational experience at half the cost of what the state now pays. So we will be able to spend much, much less than we do now, and get better, more personalized attention.

Posted by: JBD at Sunday, May 23 2010 01:48 PM (nj9Pc)

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