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July 13, 2008


Electrifying idea: The McCain One Term Pledge

It's a good idea, and might even work, but I'm not happy about it. My favorite scenario is that sometime shortly after the Republican convention, McCain becomes physically unable to continue - not die, but have some kind of age or health-related game-stopper that prevents him from continuing.

The Repubs would then have to settle in a pinch for his Veep (Gov Pawlenty maybe) who would lose to Obama in November.

My boss - who for purposes of this blog will be know simply as The Chief - thinks I'm nuts to want Obama to win. It's a risk, sure, but if we get McCain now, and he performs poorly as I expect, we'll get Obama in 2012 anyway, with an even bigger mandate to return the US to classic Liberal Fascism (nod to Jonah Goldberg's book by the same name.)

I say we take our medicine now, and for two years we watch the Democrats run rampant, screwing up everything they try (in the style of the current Democrat Congress, with its single-digit approval rating) and revealing themselves as the corrupt and power-mad incompetents that they are.

It will then be obvious to the country that they made a horrible mistake, and the voters will beg the Repubs (who while they were in the wilderness will have regained their mojo and purged the big spenders) to get back in there and hog-tie Obama.

So we'll see a massive Repub Congressional win in the mid-terms in 2010 (like what happened to Bill Clinton in 1994 with the Contract With America Congress). This will further set us up for Reagan Phase 2 with Romney-Jindal in 2012 with a majority Republican House & Senate.

Really. It could happen.

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