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May 23, 2010


School Board Trustee John Briscoe comments on my anti-school board and unionized public employee rant:

Parents ALREADY educate their children elsewhere, anywhere else then public schools:
Westminster SD = 20% elsewherere
Ocean View SD (mine) = 25% elsewhere
Fountain Valley SD = 33% elsewhere
Huntington Beach City SD = 41% elsewhere
Newport Mesa Unified SD = 55% elsewhere
Yup, 20% to 55% of parents vote with feet & wallet spending TWICE their property taxes to church, private, or home school.  Already, now & today.
Imagine the stampede if vouchers were introduced!
Local school boards would become landlords renting out empty school buildings to private schools providing the education parents really want:
1. School Security = uniforms, name badges & ID like Long Beach, locked & secured campuses with single ingress & egress
2. Teachers that Communicate = weekly at minimum written note OR email to parents
3. Behavior contracts = 3 strikes & yer OUT!
4. REAL music program
5. REAL foreign language program
6. REAL PE Program where you might actually work up a sweat
7.  All Other & there's lots more that drives families away.

Right on, Brother Briscoe. We had our kids in private school through 8th grade, until they could move into the excellent Los Al High School via interdistrict transfer.

Over HALF in N/MUSD! This is more proof that the idea of ending public education is not only possible, but entirely likely, once the taxpayers are educated about how badly their money is now spent.

For more, go see John's web site www/JohnBriscoe.com.

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