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May 18, 2009


Peak Oil My Ass.

iPod & iPhone go to war. Imagine that - private enterprise motivated by profit makes better tools than government-sponsored programs.

Hi speed rail is a boondoggle of the highest order. But California voters voted to borrow money to "develop" the supertrain from LA to SF. Arrant fantasy.

Health insurance does not equal health care. We must go back to every person paying for their own routine health care, removing businesses and other third parties completely, and insuring only for major medical costs. Just like all other insurance.

Hey, the climate change skeptics are starting to win over the mainstream press. Wow, even the loser media types are starting to wake up..

Green jobs will bloom in the new government economy, so the story goes. Not exactly, so the reality goes.

Horror! Lydia & Lynnette, look away. Russian scientists have discovered that Disney's holy "Nine Old Men" routinely recycled their animation gags frame-by-frame. Gawrsh!

What is the best investment a company or organization can make? Paying a lobbyist - it pays off 220:1. That's way better even than the Mafia.

More evidence that "going Galt" started as soon as people knew where we were headed with Obama.

And finally, as if you weren't pissed off enough, here's a list of those who collect over $100,000 annually in pension payments in California. I think one of these guys lives down at the end of my street. They need to take a 30-40% haircut just like the rest of us. Whatever they did, it wasn't worth this much delayed compensation, but they made their deals when times were good. And the bad news is, this list will expand dramatically in the next 10 years.  The only solution is bankruptcy, so we can abrogate these contracts and all the union contracts, and bring sanity back to government spending. My plans for getting this done are here and here.

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