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March 22, 2009


The old media dips it's toes in the Internet, people find cool ways to exploit their content, old media tries to cover up, to no avail.

You are now exhaling a pollutant. At your next visit to the dentist you will find an EPA man in the lobby measuring you for a catalytic converter, with two inputs. Think about it.

Is this the historical underpinning for the story of Biggus Dickus?

The decline of Los Angeles is now so obvious even the geographers can tell. All the great cities that have indulged in neo-socialist democrat mayors have paid dearly - Detroit (the last 25 years), New York (remember Dinkins?), and now LA and SF. What's worse, whole states are getting hit now, thanks to Governors like Arnold (he's as much of a Republican as Bloomberg - total Euro statist types) and of course, or present Congress and President.

Instead of putting us trillions into debt, Obama and Congress need to read this simple "Cure for Poverty".

No flock of links from JBD would be complete without a nice fat fish-slap at the global warming goons.

Or maybe two, or even four, for good measure. You think this newly confirmed natural temperature oscillation has anything to do with, I don't know, the Sun? And if, as Al Gore asserts, "the science is settled!", then is this not science? And who came up with the asinine phrase "the science", anyway? And has "the science" been always been a reliable predictor of the future?

There is one reason why our current finaincial mayhem looks so familiar to me - I've already lived through it once.

Gonna take us 15-20 years to get it back on track, if we don't reverse course in 2010. Sez me? Yeah, and sez The Oracle.

And when we do rebuild, chances are very few of the companies that are on top today will still be around. Which is not bad, but given how the current administration refuses to let bad businesses die their natural deaths, this healthy process is being artificially warped, and like the pressure that builds up in a fault line, will eventually cause a catastrophic break.

So are there any jobs to be had out there? Here's a guy who found 50 jobs in all 50 states in 50 weeks. For all those looking, take to heart his basic philosophy - any job is a good one. Don't say no to anything - take any job that pays. And I quote:

"I recommend to network and travel. Be willing to try anything. Nowadays, you can't be too picky, especially if you are a new grad," he said. "It's going to be hard, you are not going to get your dream job on the first day. Step out of your comfort zone."

One reason that hero pilot chose to land in the Hudson River? It's less crowded than the skies over NYC.

Want to see what KC Jones is up to these days? Here's a hint.

Are the Norks preparing for war? Why else would they refuse food aid ahead of testing a new missile by shooting it at Japan? Mighty neighborly, them Commies.

A nice "tick-tock" article on the root causes of our financial distress. The causes are so obvious, even the Canadians can figure it out. And they are not happy about how Obama and Congress are dealing with it.

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