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September 28, 2008


My blogging habit is to copy links to articles I find interesting or noteworthy, then paste them into an open Word document, where I compose my posts before pasting them into the post window on the web site and hitting "publish." [Fascinating, I know - you'd never have guessed, right?]

Problem is, I let them sit, and they get stale, or overtaken by events. So this post is an attempt to clean up some of the backlog. This is also know by it's shorthand name - sloth.

Re: my belief that the worst is yet to come - beware the pension wars.
Here is the first shot.

And dig this old-fashioned pulpit-pounder - the drumbeat.

Barack Obama's e-mail. Warning - Dick Cheney is involved, so earthy Anglo-Saxon epithets abound.

Future President of the United States Bobby Jindal demonstrates the Vital Factor method - managing by metrics.

Theme to the movie "Shaft" - by ukulele orchestra.

Newt's take on the bailouts, a week before the deal - fix it, don't paint over it.
Now compare this WSJ tick-tock published the same day - did they get it right?

The ACORN does not fall far from the tree - no honor among thieves. So bad that even the people in Pitsburgh noticed!

The God particle, AKA making it up as you go along. FINALLY, I get my goddamn flyin' car!

Sent by Looie - Gary Coleman returns to the Stoney Lonesome. The depth of my sadness is manifest. Such tragedy visits only the great ones. Damn those bowling alleys - when will they finally ban them? And, Gary, dude, Utah?! Think you stick out there, or what?

Awesome! A Flex-fuel FunBus! In Brazil, alas.

Thomas Friedman, in the throes of promoting a book, beclowns himself.

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