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April 02, 2009


I'm way behind on my reading, so here's a batch of links courtesy The Corner at National Review Online culled out as I chew through a weeks' worth of postings.

More evidence of John Galt Lite.

Jonah Goldberg does a nice job of encapsulating the basics of the American core belief of individual liberty. This short post could be a stump speech for any politician who wants to restore American greatness. As usual, this touches off a string of counterpoints and addenda, all worth reading. Just scroll up from this post.

At last, mark-to-market gets some relief. This rule was tightened just at the wrong time, and helped grease the skids as the market headed south. The change in wording is subtle but significant.

I never thought I'd find another humor cum politics writer I liked as much PJ O'Rourke, the modern reincarnation of Mark Twain himself. Then Mark Steyn came along, and I thought, now he's the greatest. No harsh on PJ's stature, just bravo Steyn. But now The Corner at NRO has had some posts from one Denis Boyles (gotta be an Irishman, right?) , and every one of them rocks. So I go to send him a mash note, and his contact link goes to his web site, and his opening splash page is a personal caricature by Mort F'n Drucker! My all time favorite caricaturist and heart & soul of the heyday of Mad Magizine! I haven't been so jealous since Daffy Duck told Drew Carey "You ain't just whistling Dixie, fat boy!"

I see that Boyles has a passel of books out, so I'm going to get busy and get caught up with his oeuvre.

You'd think that Barack "Don't Call Me Hussein" Obama  would do a better job hiding his fealty to the King of Saudi Arabia than this. I remember when people were worried that JFK would be controlled by the Pope in conflict with American priorities. In comparison, this looks like the "offer" scene from the Godfather. Not the Manchurian Candidate, but maybe the Riyadhi President? Far fetched? Whacko conspiracy talk? Then why the hell else would a tough Chicago pol curtsey to this camel jockey?

Jonah again, this time his annual tax rant. Obama convened a blue ribbon panel to study tax simplification, which practically guarantees that it'll get more complicated. This is one of those things that Only Obama could do, and he won't. There is just too much cover in the current tax and budget system for a hard-liberal street pol to give up. Especially now that he has hocked everything from the Washington Monument to Mount Rushmore to finance his fascism.

An ancient tax system gets new life as carbon cap-n-trade: tax farming. In fact, wasn't that the reason that Mary and Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem 2009 years ago? But no, that's not a good analogy; Obama is the new Jesus, so the timing is off.

Look out, Mad Mullahs of Iran: here come the Jews. And they will not be gentle. Look for Iran's vaunted air defense system to perform about as well as Saddam Hussein's - that is to say, not at all. I anticipate stories of high comedy to come from the aftermath. You know, something like the Three Stooges trying to fire an SA-6? Right out of Iran's Funniest Military Security Cam Outtakes. What do they expect when they buy all that used Russian crap that has failed to stop Western air power for 40 years? Last time the Russian gear was even close to good enough was Vietnam, and they've been losing ground ever since.

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